About Vysnia Global Transport Inc.

About Vysnia Global Transport Inc.

Vysnia Global Transport was founded in 2018 as a Small Business trucking company with the intent of setting a new standard for freight service and workmanship.

Safety: Our persistent Safety team ensures compliance from pickup to drop off by monitoring driver’s hours of service and ensuring each driver is provided with the proper documentation.

Technology: Our TMS platform integrates real time data throughout transportation cycle to provide accurate tracking on all shipments.

24/7 Operations: VGT operates continuously to ensure every customer’s time is valued.


Local Trucks

Local running rails and local pickup/delivery box trucks ready for your shipping needs.


OTR Trucks

Our over the road Dry Vans are running primarily mid west and south east.


Dry-Van Trailers

Dry van trailers offer a simple solution for shipping your company’s sensitive goods.


Satisfied Clients

Number of happy customers is a good indication of how good the company is.


Rail Drayage

Rail freight is a smart, efficient, and green way to ship your goods.

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Local pick ups and delivery throughout all Chicago land rails.

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Pickup and delivery to and from airports on a regular basis.

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Our flexibility for your comfort to include Haz-Mat Shipments.

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